Week 5 – “Now I know why it’s called the dreadmill”

Hey hey!

By golly can you believe that it’s week 5 already? Well I can and sadly I am so so far behind on my half marathon training it’s ridiculous!

So the last 4 weeks have been a horror for me, I managed to get the cold from hell which meant I just wasn’t going out running and when I was it was a mile at the worst speed ever. I did manage to get my Park runs in (with one volunteer week, hoping to do more this year) of which they were all in the 40 mins. Oh how upset that made me. Anyway after last week I gave up and went to the doctors again to only be told I’m super healthy and they gave me an inhaler to help with my breathing while I got over the “cold.”

I guess you can guess that after that my stubbornness decided it had, had enough and I went back to running! I found a 8 week running program and this week being week 1 was off Monday, 3 miles Tuesday, 4 miles Wednesday, 3 miles Thursday, off friday, 2-3 Saturday and 5 Sunday. I decided because I started my new job that the best way to managed this was to do it on the treadmill, plus it’s been super icy out and yeah with my ankle I’m a wimp lol!

Previously the only time I had ran on the treadmill was when we did around 15 minutes in the “gym” within the Birmingham apartments. Oh my it was 15 minutes of pure pain. Now though I do realise why the call it a dreadmill and I also realise I can actually go for over an hour. The hardest part is the fact your just running in one place, mostly the only thing to focus on is the treadmill screen which makes time go sooooooooo slowly. Seriously the first three miles I did were a horror, now though I did 65 minutes without anything ect e.g music. I guess it just takes time to get used to it, and used to it I need to be as I think next week will be all treadmill again. Only because I will be running during lunch and leaving work early to run.

After next week though I’ll have to see how the weather is as I will be moving from 3 miles to 5 miles on a weekday ekkk.

Overall this week I’m really really glad I got back into it and well Park Run on Saturday was done in 37.19mins almost just over a minute of my best time, so I know I’m on the mend. Really looking forward to seeing what next week brings.

Oh and as I’m sitting here and it’s Superbowl Sunday, GO RAMS!!!!!!!

Week 1- “I’m sure foam rolling isn’t supposed to hurt this much!”

WOW I cannot beleive that week 1 is gone already!

What a week, hey! So this week I started back at the gym which I am very happy for though if nothing very tired. I haven’t been to the gym in golly must be a year and then longer than that on actually doing any weight at all. Thankfully I had a PT session where I went through what I was looking for, upper and lower exercises I could do on alternative days which takes 30min so I could do it in my lunch hour. I managed to go four times this week and that’s really what I’m wanting to continue with. Two days upper and two days lower should be enough for me to see an improvement in a couple of months.

I also went running, YAY! So I will be doing a mile on the treadmill after my legs day mainly because I won’t be going back out afterwards. It’s so early in the game that I don’t want to overdo it! I also managed to get out and about this week on a few late night runs which I am thankful for. The other half is happy to cycle next to me so I’m going to take him every time until he isn’t lol.

I had my first go at foam rolling to, OMG that killed!!! I asked around and it seems that I am using quite a brutal one so I will be getting a new one which doesn’t have all the nobles on. Then I’m going to try again!!

I went to my first Park Run of the year. I didn’t do an amazing time, wasn’t expecting to with all the other exercise I was doing, but at least I went. Then straight afterwards my sisters Godfather Michael took us though some really good exercises and stretches to do afterwards which we are hoping to add our weekly roundup.

So my total for Week 1

Running – 14.3/1000 Miles
Cycling – 0 Miles
Swimming – 0 Miles

In other news I’ve managed to do something to one of my lip piercings so that’s had to be taken out and now it looks like a mess! I’ve also got my green hair back so we can all rejoice, YAY! And today is my sister 39th which means we have exactly 1 year till Disney, 1 year before all that excitement and I’m excited!! I need to come up with some sort of training to do for it………

Tomorrow is also my first weigh in of year year……eeeeekkkkk

Bring on Week 2

Western Swimming Pool – Mountain Course Challenge


So are you ready for a challenge?? I know I am!

Well as Nessy 2.0 is in full swing and has been since the 31st I thought a New Year Challenge would be good and this little beauty dropped into my work inbox and I knew instantly that I wanted to do it.

I’m 100% certain that I will have no trouble doing the running or the cycling as the other half pointed out it’s only around 6 miles a week, which I can do (fingers crossed) in a bad week. It’s going to be the swimming that I am going to have trouble with. I’ve worked it out that it’s around 200 lengths a week which is wowsers! I’ve looked at my previous swims, my last being on the 2nd July, sadly, and well it looks like I do around 40 lengths at a time. Nowhere near where I need to be but I’m certain if I try hard enough and swim for a full hour I can make that more, maybe even 50? We can only see.

So how am I going to attempt this challenge?

Well I’m going to just keep to my normal running pattern while adding in some cycling. I’m hoping to start doing some more cycling, especially on the Turbo Trainer inside when the other half is home so I’m actually getting exercise. Now I don’t think this is going to record how far I “cycle” so I’m going to have to go out and about on my actual bike, oh it’s been a long time!! The other half has shown me a Strava route he does and it’s around 6 odd miles so if I aim to do that once a week I should be more than in on the cycling. The swimming is going to be another matter. I will only be aiming to go once a week and I guess I am just going to have to try my best with how much I’m swimming.

I’m wanting to use the as a spring board for the rest of the year as ideally I’d love to be running, cycling and swimming throughout the year.

Now I do have a slight issue with all the above, I’m on holiday on the 15th March!!

Sooooo I’ll have the Coventry Half to do which will more than push me over the distance for the running and I know I will be making the other half cycle to Hinckley again and that’s around 20 miles so that will add to the cycling. Once again it will be the swimming! I know there is a swimming pool down the road a wee bit from the other half’s parents so it will be checking that a) I can go and b) what we will be doing on holiday so I can go swimming as if I can go a few times at least while I’m on holiday I’m hoping it can put my lengths to being close to the amount needed.

I guess we will just see!

I’ll be doing weekly updates anyway as I’m wanting to use this blog as more of a training diary!


#Run1000miles 2019



When I first started running I just wanted to make sure I got from point a to point b. I wasn’t worried about mileage or how fast I was going, I just wanted to run and then well I did run and I learned I could go further and faster than I ever thought.

I then bought magazines to read up on what I could do and what I shouldn’t be doing and for motivation.

Then I learned that there we’re amazing feats of strength and endurance out there. I always knew about triathlons and dream of one day actually doing one but I never ever thought there would be something called an Ultra run. I didn’t really know there was anything out there further than 26.2 miles. You never really know about these things unless you start looking for them I guess.

Well I am amazed and delighted about ultra running/distance running it’s defiantly something that I want to progress myself to!

Back to the magazines and I regularly read Runners World, Trail Running Magazine and Ultra Magazine. Now my first foray into Train Running Magazine was when we went to Wales camping for the week, I’d never have thought it would be a magazine for me. I am always scared of doing anything which might falter my ankle, it was mainly the other half who said I should try it because well you never know!

So I did and I love it, it’s not all fell running! It’s about running the unbeaten track about seeing the beauty out there whether that is on a canal trail or up some mountains it’s all the same and I love the magazine for this!

Now it wasn’t long into reading the magazine that I came across #run1000miles. I looked up as much as I could do and joined my first running Facebook group. The Run 1000 Miles one and boy was I inspired!! So much so I am setting this as my target for this year. I want to run 1000 miles. Now I know I am just a beginner runner and I shouldn’t be putting any amount of strain on myself but I kept wondering and wondering if this was something I could do and well a challenge is a challenge right, if it was easy everyone would do it.

I’ve worked it out that it’s around 20 miles a week, which if I do it right I can run 4 nights/mornings of around 3 miles which would give me 12 miles and then do my Park Run on a Saturday which is 3 miles which would give me 15 and then a long run on the Sunday would give me the rest I needed.

I’ve thought long and hard about how I want to progress this year and I really would like to have a run streak and run everyday but I don’t want to do that encase my body isn’t happy I’d hate to hurt my hip like I did when I started my Winter run streak and then spend half a day crying because I couldn’t continue with it, so I’m aiming for 6 days running. If I run less I run less I’m not looking for miracles. I’ve also seen somewhere and cannot remember where sadly, that if you want to run a marathon you should be strength training 4 times a week and running 4 times a week so that is my ultimate aim.

Well I’m looking forward to this anyway. The new Trail Running magazine comes out on the 3rd Jan and it’s supposed to have a log in it to keep a record of how much your running so I will be using and using this place to record how I do.

I’m hoping to write more weekly on how I am doing, take more photos and maybe film but defiantly I’m wanting to do a weekly blog post of my training and how I am doing in all aspects of it. That way I am super accountable and I can defiantly write more here than I can on Instagram, even if my thoughts are all over the place lol!

Are you planning on running 1000 mile? Do you have another aim? I’d love to hear about it!!

My year end running stats

So tomorrow is the New Year and I thought it would be great to do a little end of year review.

So on the 29th May I did my first run, Couch to 5K day 1, since then I have ran exactly 342 Miles according to Strava! This has been over 116 runs of which two were races, one Bubble Rush Fun Run and the Leicester Half Marathon, 13 Park Runs of which one was in England and one was international. I’ve run countless miles with my sisters, my other half and my pup Joey.

I thought it would be lovely to look back on each month and how the mileage above totalled up!




So May was the month that started all this craziness, I had one holiday in May it was a lovely weekend away to Liverpool/Birmingham. Yes the one where we decided on the way back to run a half marathon! We also had the T.T. races over here which meant a) family friends being over, b) living of coffee and sugar so I could stay up super late at night to look at motorbikes and get up early for work and c) I got to droll over a lovely Dakar Rally truck. Oh how I wished I could of seen all the dials inside!

My total mileage for May was 5.7 miles


June brought more running and a lovely birthday run out along our old Railway line.

My total mileage for June was 25.4 miles



July was a heavy month, firstly you had my first ever “race” a little fun run which I ran all the way and at the time this was unknown for me! Then I had my birthday day trip to Liverpool for the Terracotta Army which was amazing! I also had a week away camping to Wales which was amazing as it wasn’t during Winter lol. I also managed my first hour long run without thinking about it which was just truly amazing. Then on the day after we came back from Wales I went to my first Park Run!

My miles for July were 57.9 Miles of which 1.1 miles was our Bubble Rush Fun Run and 20.3 miles was while we were in Wales on holiday!



August brought another weekend away in Birmingham and our first non Manx Park Run! August also seen me run from one side of the Island to the other!

My mileage for August was 46.8 miles



September brought our long weekend in Copenhagen, which for the record was amazing! We managed a run every day we were away just so that we had some ace runs on our Strava accounts.

My mileage for September was an amazing 62.9 miles, of which 11 miles was while we were in Copenhagen.



Oh October how I loved you! October brought our two week holiday to the other half’s parents in Leicester and the Leicester Half Marathon! I still to this day am amazed that I did it!

My mileage for October was 57.2 miles of which amazingly 43.8 miles was while I was on holiday!



November brought me my 10 Park Runs!

My mileage for November was 52.1 miles.


IMG_4136IMG_4485Krakow Park Run 4Krakow Park Run 5

December brought our weekend away to the Christmas Markets in Krakow which in turn brought us my first even international Park Run!

My mileage for December was 31.3 miles!

Overall I am so so amazed, I still cannot believe I am doing so much with only running 6 months! I’m looking forward to seeing all the challenges I have in 2019!

Krakow Park Run

Oh Krakow, how I loved you! Not so much the Christmas Market but the architecture was just amazing. Now if you’ve read my previous posts you will know that I made a huge mistake in Copenhagen in that I stupidly forgot to bring my Park Run barcode which meant I couldn’t partake in the Copenhagen Park Run. Oh how upset I was, in the end we did a lovely run but it wasn’t the Park Run I wanted to do.

When we first booked to go to Krakow going to the Park Run was a no no, mainly due to us all going to the Salt Mines that day, well low and behold a couple of months before we went it turned out the Salt Mines was in the afternoon so we could go to the ball as Cinderella would say.

Krakow Park Run 4.jpg

I was super excited so I made sure my Park Run barcode was the first thing that I packed, I couldn’t miss out on another opportunity because I was stupid again!!

Krakow Park Run 1

We got up early and walked the half an hour to the Park run which was actually a really nice walk especially so early in the morning and thankfully the Park Run was really easy to find. It turned out to be one and a bit laps of a park in the middle of Krakow.

Image may contain: 6 people, including Corrine Wilson, Vanessa Wilson and Jessica Moore, people smiling, outdoor

We made it with a few minutes to spare to take the Park Run photo at the top of this blog. I was really surprised at how many non locals there were, it’s always nice to find out that these Park Run’s bring everyone together from a wide range of places. While we waited for the start we had a lovely natter with a lady who was on holiday as well.

Image may contain: 3 people, people standing, shoes and outdoor

Image may contain: 7 people, people standing, shoes, tree, child and outdoor

And we are off!!!

Corrine went off ahead (you can just see her racing ahead in this photo lol), because of how flat the course was she wanted to see if she could PB. I’ve been having problems with my hip, it turns out that I kick my hip out when running because of the broken ankle I had and this now causes massive amounts of pain when I run. I had decided at the beginning that I wanted to see if I could PB myself but well the run was just very meh which meant that I actually ended up running maybe half a mile, then running back to my sister to run the rest with her. I think in the end I was more worried about going down the 800 stairs in the Salt Mines to worry about getting a PB.

Image may contain: 2 people, people smiling, people standing, hat, outdoor and nature

I love this photo! It shows how much I was enjoying just taking a step back and running with my sister.

Image may contain: 2 people, people smiling, people standing, shoes, child, tree and outdoorImage may contain: one or more people, people standing, tree and outdoor

I was really happy and surprised with Jess, she has been finding it hard to get out running so when she does it’s a big thing and for the fact that we only stopped twice during this whole run shows how much she has been moving forward. I am forever proud of her.

How cool is the Santa at the end there!

Yep at the end of the race we had a Santa giving out cookies lol, I didn’t accept one so cannot say how they tasted but they looked mighty fine.

Image may contain: 6 people, people smiling, people standing and outdoorImage may contain: 4 people, people smiling, tree and outdoor

Overall I was really super happy with my Krakow Park Run experience, everyone was so lovely. We got asked to have our photo taken by what I think was the main guy and also to have a group photo with everyone else which was just lovely. We normally are not quite so forward and try to stay in the shadows but everyone was so nice and well it’s a lovely memory to have!

I would of loved to of PB’ed. I can see how the course would help you do this because it was so flat but it just wasn’t my time. if I ever go back you can guarantee that I would be trying my best though.

Just hit my 10 Park Runs!

Wow! I never thought that when I started running that I would be doing this much let alone trying my hardest to go to an organised run every Saturday!

Well today I hit that magically number of 10 Park Runs, next year I’m going to hit 25 and earn a t-shirt (it’s one of my goals!), for now though I thought I would run you past the last 10 Park Runs.


My first Park Run, I remember come back from holiday in March and wondering about where to go next and what to do next when I came across Park Runs, to be honest it took me ages to find out that we actually had one at home! The next day I was running it!! My first Park Run was done in a time of 41.27 and it was the first time that I actually had gone out and gone for it, prior to this I had just bobbled around. Never actually racing. I remember being dead but looking at that number on my Park Run profile feeling so so proud!


So straight onto my second Park Run and I think you can see how much I was trying, it looks like I’m in pure pain here!! My time for my second run was 40.19 I had already smashed my first time by over a minute!


For my third Park Run I thought I would mix it up and actually try eating some breakfast……yeah that wasn’t the wisest thing. I have since learned that I’m not a eat and run kinda girl, not even slightly. The only things I can eat before a run are energy bars and even then only a few brands. My third Park Run was done in a time of 39.35, I was under a 40 minute Park Run!!!


Park Run 4 was in Birmingham. I was deep into my Park Run love by now and wanted to add other city’s to my Strava and try other places. I had also managed to persuade my sister into doing the Park Runs with me! This run unbeknown to us was more of a trail run because there was a concert thingy going on and they had to move everything around. For trying a new place I loved it!! My time was 40.23, which for a new place, only adding on less than a minute made me very very happy.


Park Run 5 was back at home and in a completely different place, Conrhenny and OMG I loved this race. We had to move from our normal place of Nobles due to T.T. week. My time was an amazing 39.23! I had to walk up the hill on the second lap too which I remember being really upset about when I should of been happy with another sub 40 5K!


Park Run 6 was in aid of Mannin Septis and as such once we crossed the line we got a lovely badge, which is happily on my Salomon vest. This Park Run was done in a time of 39.32, which was just 3 seconds less than my previous time!!!


Wow now Park Run 7 was something!! I managed to do it in 37.25 which is over a 2 minute PB!! How I did this I don’t know but by now I was beating every time I’d previously made. Now I think about it maybe because this Park Run was supposed to be our Copenhagen Park Run, I forgot my barcode like a stupid person, so I was just running in pure anger of not adding an extra place to my list.


Park Run 8 was turning out to be a family affair, this was the day our mum said she’d like to be running next year!!!! So she came along to walk it while we ran and I will forever be proud! I ran this one 36.34, which is amazing because I was in SO SO SO much pain, I had fallen the night before on my knee and managed to bruise it to no end, so much so it’s still bruised as I’m typing this!!


I completely forgot to take a photo prior to my Park Run no.9 LOL!!! But this was a massive NSV (Non Scale Victory) for me, I had through moving hell and high water managed to fit into my Christmas Tikiboo Pants, which I know for a lot of people wont mean anything but to me it was heaven on earth. I ran my 9th Park Run in 36.46, 10 seconds more than Park Run 8. I’m not upset with this at all because I gave it my all. It was also a very very muddy run so to only lose 10 seconds due to slipping and sliding, I’ll take it as a win!


This brings me to Park Run no.10!! The one where we paced Jess to a PB! I knew from the outset I wasn’t going to win any new times as I really wanted to support Jess in achieving her goals, so we did this Park Run in a time of 44.15, which meant we managed to get Jess under 45 minutes. Win Win I’d say!

Now onto all the other delightful information my first Park Run was in a time of 41.27 with my last timed run being 36.46. This means that in 9 weeks I had beat my first overall time by over 4 minutes. This is amazing progress. Defiantly better than I could ever of thought.

Moving forwards I have around 5 Park Runs left in the year, it would be 6 but we’re in Poland one of those Saturdays and no matter how much I’d love to be doing the Park Run the Salt Mines wins each time. I think it’s unrealistic to get below a 35 min 5K by the end of the year but I think a 35 something min 5K would be amazing!! I’m also going to make it my main Park Run aim next year to be running a sub 30 min Park Run and also to get my 25 t-shirt, which I will wear with so much pride!!!



13.1 things I learned from my first Half Marathon


So I don’t think you’ve missed it, but I completed my first half marathon last month and boy do I still feel proud about it and well I thought it would be kinda fun to do one of these, so here is 13.1 things I learned from my first half marathon.

1) Go at your own pace, no matter what you will be slower and faster than the people around you so go at your pace not theirs

2) I still haven’t got my fuel down pat. I thought I was spot on with my Honey Stinger chews but for some reason on the day they were really hard to eat. Back to the drawing board.

3) There is no harm in walking, whether that is in mile 1 or mile 13. I was surprised at how many were walking so soon and if I knew this was acceptable I wouldn’t of panicked so much prior to the race!

4) Wearing my hydration vest was the best thing in the world. I was able to skip all the fueling stations as I had exactly what I’d trained with on me. It also meant I didn’t have to fight with anyone over that one cup of water lol.

5) It will be tough, oh so tough but you can do it! By mile 10 I felt like I was done but I managed to crawl the last 3.1 miles and if I can you can to.

6) Always always have a natter with whoever your running with. This is s random one from me as I suffer from anxiety all the time but I made the effort to have a talk with everyone I was running with. Not only does it make the race go faster but it was so lovely getting to know new people.

7) You will sign up for new races even though you think you’ve gone to hell and back!

8) You will be overly emotional near the end and might have a few choice words to say when someone thinks you should be running and you don’t have the energy.

9) You’ll feel like the biggest bitch about no. 8 when you’ve crossed the line and calmed down!

10) There is no better feeling than crossing that line and knowing it was all worth it.

11) Once you’ve settled down you will probably start to think on how you could of ran faster/better, if I did X,y,z maybe I’d be at X,y,z……

12) Walking afterwards however hard actually helps A LOT or it did for me. After I finished we had to go and get picked up which includes a mile and a bit walk. As we were going to be spending 8 hours travelling back home later in the day the walk directly after the race helped me immensely.

13) You’ll want to do it again and again and again even though you feel dead.

13.1) No matter what anyone says, be proud of your medal and your achievement!

November Goals

Oh October how you went by fast! So so fast!

I didn’t manage to do anything much at all last month, I didn’t hit my running target, I didn’t get back swimming, I haven’t even managed to get to Zumba and I only managed to get my weight down to 18st 5 (259lbs). What I did manage though was my first half marathon!!!! And I did get out and did some cycling. So the good defiantly outweigh the bad.

Now for November I’m wanting to just get back into a running routine. I had a week and  bit off after my half marathon to give myself the time to heal and then I feel over quiet badly on my knee which has made me not want to get out at all because it’s sore.


Last month I said I’d really like to run 100 miles and well I’d like to move that to this month but lose a few and say I’d like to run 75 miles this month. That will make it my highest mileage and bring me closer to running the 100 miles a month I’ll need to run 1000 miles next year. At the end of this month is Thanksgiving for American’s and for a long while there has been a running challenge of running everyday between Thanksgiving and New Year. I’d really like to do this. It would mean running 1 mile a day everyday. I’m thinking if I get myself running during lunchtime when the other half is on a late, that would be 2 miles and then I could go for a longer run on the days the other half is off or on an early. I might even attempt to get myself out in the mornings for a run. We shall see.


Once again I’d like to get myself out more. I managed to get myself out doing a few miles when we were away so I’d like to get myself out a few times this month and I’d like to go on the turbo trainer when the other half is on a late. That way I am getting some exercise in.


Ahhhh swimming, it looks like the timetable is actually a lot better over winter, so I’d like to start trying to go once every two weeks again. Even if it is just for 45 minutes. We still have a few swims on our tickets, so it’s not like I need to worry about the costs. I once again might try and get myself out early and swim before work!


I’m adding a new header here, I finally admitted that I needed some help with my weight. I’d been doing well and managed to lose just shy of 2 stone myself with calorie counting since I’ve started to run but I want to lose more and I want to lose it a wee bit quicker than I am doing so I joined Weight Watchers again. I had a long time deciding on whether I should join another diet again but I knew that a) Weight Watchers does work if I stick to it and b) it was more regimented than what I was doing and that would be better or me and c) they had a weekly weigh in and there was actually people I could talk to if I needed to. My sister who lost a lot of her weight lost it calorie counting but she seems to have forgotten how hard it was to lose it, (though she did lose it super quickly but eating a super regimented diet and lots and lots of exercise) so I find it really hard to talk to her about losing weight. My first week was great and I lost 5.5lbs, my second week I will probably put some of that on, but I know why so all is good. Ideally I’d like to lose between 4 and 8 pounds this month, nice and slow but a lot quicker than I was doing before!

That’s about it on the goals, I just want to make sure I get out and run. The weather has turned super quick and I’m finding my ankle is getting stiffer and stiffer so I can see myself not wanting to go out. I’m hoping that making myself doing the mile a day will actually get me out as I won’t want to lose my “streak” per say. Plus I’m not going on holiday this month so I will be here the whole time, all the more reason to make sure I do more!