November Goals

Oh October how you went by fast! So so fast!

I didn’t manage to do anything much at all last month, I didn’t hit my running target, I didn’t get back swimming, I haven’t even managed to get to Zumba and I only managed to get my weight down to 18st 5 (259lbs). What I did manage though was my first half marathon!!!! And I did get out and did some cycling. So the good defiantly outweigh the bad.

Now for November I’m wanting to just get back into a running routine. I had a week and  bit off after my half marathon to give myself the time to heal and then I feel over quiet badly on my knee which has made me not want to get out at all because it’s sore.


Last month I said I’d really like to run 100 miles and well I’d like to move that to this month but lose a few and say I’d like to run 75 miles this month. That will make it my highest mileage and bring me closer to running the 100 miles a month I’ll need to run 1000 miles next year. At the end of this month is Thanksgiving for American’s and for a long while there has been a running challenge of running everyday between Thanksgiving and New Year. I’d really like to do this. It would mean running 1 mile a day everyday. I’m thinking if I get myself running during lunchtime when the other half is on a late, that would be 2 miles and then I could go for a longer run on the days the other half is off or on an early. I might even attempt to get myself out in the mornings for a run. We shall see.


Once again I’d like to get myself out more. I managed to get myself out doing a few miles when we were away so I’d like to get myself out a few times this month and I’d like to go on the turbo trainer when the other half is on a late. That way I am getting some exercise in.


Ahhhh swimming, it looks like the timetable is actually a lot better over winter, so I’d like to start trying to go once every two weeks again. Even if it is just for 45 minutes. We still have a few swims on our tickets, so it’s not like I need to worry about the costs. I once again might try and get myself out early and swim before work!


I’m adding a new header here, I finally admitted that I needed some help with my weight. I’d been doing well and managed to lose just shy of 2 stone myself with calorie counting since I’ve started to run but I want to lose more and I want to lose it a wee bit quicker than I am doing so I joined Weight Watchers again. I had a long time deciding on whether I should join another diet again but I knew that a) Weight Watchers does work if I stick to it and b) it was more regimented than what I was doing and that would be better or me and c) they had a weekly weigh in and there was actually people I could talk to if I needed to. My sister who lost a lot of her weight lost it calorie counting but she seems to have forgotten how hard it was to lose it, (though she did lose it super quickly but eating a super regimented diet and lots and lots of exercise) so I find it really hard to talk to her about losing weight. My first week was great and I lost 5.5lbs, my second week I will probably put some of that on, but I know why so all is good. Ideally I’d like to lose between 4 and 8 pounds this month, nice and slow but a lot quicker than I was doing before!

That’s about it on the goals, I just want to make sure I get out and run. The weather has turned super quick and I’m finding my ankle is getting stiffer and stiffer so I can see myself not wanting to go out. I’m hoping that making myself doing the mile a day will actually get me out as I won’t want to lose my “streak” per say. Plus I’m not going on holiday this month so I will be here the whole time, all the more reason to make sure I do more!


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