13.1 things I learned from my first Half Marathon


So I don’t think you’ve missed it, but I completed my first half marathon last month and boy do I still feel proud about it and well I thought it would be kinda fun to do one of these, so here is 13.1 things I learned from my first half marathon.

1) Go at your own pace, no matter what you will be slower and faster than the people around you so go at your pace not theirs

2) I still haven’t got my fuel down pat. I thought I was spot on with my Honey Stinger chews but for some reason on the day they were really hard to eat. Back to the drawing board.

3) There is no harm in walking, whether that is in mile 1 or mile 13. I was surprised at how many were walking so soon and if I knew this was acceptable I wouldn’t of panicked so much prior to the race!

4) Wearing my hydration vest was the best thing in the world. I was able to skip all the fueling stations as I had exactly what I’d trained with on me. It also meant I didn’t have to fight with anyone over that one cup of water lol.

5) It will be tough, oh so tough but you can do it! By mile 10 I felt like I was done but I managed to crawl the last 3.1 miles and if I can you can to.

6) Always always have a natter with whoever your running with. This is s random one from me as I suffer from anxiety all the time but I made the effort to have a talk with everyone I was running with. Not only does it make the race go faster but it was so lovely getting to know new people.

7) You will sign up for new races even though you think you’ve gone to hell and back!

8) You will be overly emotional near the end and might have a few choice words to say when someone thinks you should be running and you don’t have the energy.

9) You’ll feel like the biggest bitch about no. 8 when you’ve crossed the line and calmed down!

10) There is no better feeling than crossing that line and knowing it was all worth it.

11) Once you’ve settled down you will probably start to think on how you could of ran faster/better, if I did X,y,z maybe I’d be at X,y,z……

12) Walking afterwards however hard actually helps A LOT or it did for me. After I finished we had to go and get picked up which includes a mile and a bit walk. As we were going to be spending 8 hours travelling back home later in the day the walk directly after the race helped me immensely.

13) You’ll want to do it again and again and again even though you feel dead.

13.1) No matter what anyone says, be proud of your medal and your achievement!


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