Just hit my 10 Park Runs!

Wow! I never thought that when I started running that I would be doing this much let alone trying my hardest to go to an organised run every Saturday!

Well today I hit that magically number of 10 Park Runs, next year I’m going to hit 25 and earn a t-shirt (it’s one of my goals!), for now though I thought I would run you past the last 10 Park Runs.


My first Park Run, I remember come back from holiday in March and wondering about where to go next and what to do next when I came across Park Runs, to be honest it took me ages to find out that we actually had one at home! The next day I was running it!! My first Park Run was done in a time of 41.27 and it was the first time that I actually had gone out and gone for it, prior to this I had just bobbled around. Never actually racing. I remember being dead but looking at that number on my Park Run profile feeling so so proud!


So straight onto my second Park Run and I think you can see how much I was trying, it looks like I’m in pure pain here!! My time for my second run was 40.19 I had already smashed my first time by over a minute!


For my third Park Run I thought I would mix it up and actually try eating some breakfast……yeah that wasn’t the wisest thing. I have since learned that I’m not a eat and run kinda girl, not even slightly. The only things I can eat before a run are energy bars and even then only a few brands. My third Park Run was done in a time of 39.35, I was under a 40 minute Park Run!!!


Park Run 4 was in Birmingham. I was deep into my Park Run love by now and wanted to add other city’s to my Strava and try other places. I had also managed to persuade my sister into doing the Park Runs with me! This run unbeknown to us was more of a trail run because there was a concert thingy going on and they had to move everything around. For trying a new place I loved it!! My time was 40.23, which for a new place, only adding on less than a minute made me very very happy.


Park Run 5 was back at home and in a completely different place, Conrhenny and OMG I loved this race. We had to move from our normal place of Nobles due to T.T. week. My time was an amazing 39.23! I had to walk up the hill on the second lap too which I remember being really upset about when I should of been happy with another sub 40 5K!


Park Run 6 was in aid of Mannin Septis and as such once we crossed the line we got a lovely badge, which is happily on my Salomon vest. This Park Run was done in a time of 39.32, which was just 3 seconds less than my previous time!!!


Wow now Park Run 7 was something!! I managed to do it in 37.25 which is over a 2 minute PB!! How I did this I don’t know but by now I was beating every time I’d previously made. Now I think about it maybe because this Park Run was supposed to be our Copenhagen Park Run, I forgot my barcode like a stupid person, so I was just running in pure anger of not adding an extra place to my list.


Park Run 8 was turning out to be a family affair, this was the day our mum said she’d like to be running next year!!!! So she came along to walk it while we ran and I will forever be proud! I ran this one 36.34, which is amazing because I was in SO SO SO much pain, I had fallen the night before on my knee and managed to bruise it to no end, so much so it’s still bruised as I’m typing this!!


I completely forgot to take a photo prior to my Park Run no.9 LOL!!! But this was a massive NSV (Non Scale Victory) for me, I had through moving hell and high water managed to fit into my Christmas Tikiboo Pants, which I know for a lot of people wont mean anything but to me it was heaven on earth. I ran my 9th Park Run in 36.46, 10 seconds more than Park Run 8. I’m not upset with this at all because I gave it my all. It was also a very very muddy run so to only lose 10 seconds due to slipping and sliding, I’ll take it as a win!


This brings me to Park Run no.10!! The one where we paced Jess to a PB! I knew from the outset I wasn’t going to win any new times as I really wanted to support Jess in achieving her goals, so we did this Park Run in a time of 44.15, which meant we managed to get Jess under 45 minutes. Win Win I’d say!

Now onto all the other delightful information my first Park Run was in a time of 41.27 with my last timed run being 36.46. This means that in 9 weeks I had beat my first overall time by over 4 minutes. This is amazing progress. Defiantly better than I could ever of thought.

Moving forwards I have around 5 Park Runs left in the year, it would be 6 but we’re in Poland one of those Saturdays and no matter how much I’d love to be doing the Park Run the Salt Mines wins each time. I think it’s unrealistic to get below a 35 min 5K by the end of the year but I think a 35 something min 5K would be amazing!! I’m also going to make it my main Park Run aim next year to be running a sub 30 min Park Run and also to get my 25 t-shirt, which I will wear with so much pride!!!




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