My year end running stats

So tomorrow is the New Year and I thought it would be great to do a little end of year review.

So on the 29th May I did my first run, Couch to 5K day 1, since then I have ran exactly 342 Miles according to Strava! This has been over 116 runs of which two were races, one Bubble Rush Fun Run and the Leicester Half Marathon, 13 Park Runs of which one was in England and one was international. I’ve run countless miles with my sisters, my other half and my pup Joey.

I thought it would be lovely to look back on each month and how the mileage above totalled up!




So May was the month that started all this craziness, I had one holiday in May it was a lovely weekend away to Liverpool/Birmingham. Yes the one where we decided on the way back to run a half marathon! We also had the T.T. races over here which meant a) family friends being over, b) living of coffee and sugar so I could stay up super late at night to look at motorbikes and get up early for work and c) I got to droll over a lovely Dakar Rally truck. Oh how I wished I could of seen all the dials inside!

My total mileage for May was 5.7 miles


June brought more running and a lovely birthday run out along our old Railway line.

My total mileage for June was 25.4 miles



July was a heavy month, firstly you had my first ever “race” a little fun run which I ran all the way and at the time this was unknown for me! Then I had my birthday day trip to Liverpool for the Terracotta Army which was amazing! I also had a week away camping to Wales which was amazing as it wasn’t during Winter lol. I also managed my first hour long run without thinking about it which was just truly amazing. Then on the day after we came back from Wales I went to my first Park Run!

My miles for July were 57.9 Miles of which 1.1 miles was our Bubble Rush Fun Run and 20.3 miles was while we were in Wales on holiday!



August brought another weekend away in Birmingham and our first non Manx Park Run! August also seen me run from one side of the Island to the other!

My mileage for August was 46.8 miles



September brought our long weekend in Copenhagen, which for the record was amazing! We managed a run every day we were away just so that we had some ace runs on our Strava accounts.

My mileage for September was an amazing 62.9 miles, of which 11 miles was while we were in Copenhagen.



Oh October how I loved you! October brought our two week holiday to the other half’s parents in Leicester and the Leicester Half Marathon! I still to this day am amazed that I did it!

My mileage for October was 57.2 miles of which amazingly 43.8 miles was while I was on holiday!



November brought me my 10 Park Runs!

My mileage for November was 52.1 miles.


IMG_4136IMG_4485Krakow Park Run 4Krakow Park Run 5

December brought our weekend away to the Christmas Markets in Krakow which in turn brought us my first even international Park Run!

My mileage for December was 31.3 miles!

Overall I am so so amazed, I still cannot believe I am doing so much with only running 6 months! I’m looking forward to seeing all the challenges I have in 2019!


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