#Run1000miles 2019



When I first started running I just wanted to make sure I got from point a to point b. I wasn’t worried about mileage or how fast I was going, I just wanted to run and then well I did run and I learned I could go further and faster than I ever thought.

I then bought magazines to read up on what I could do and what I shouldn’t be doing and for motivation.

Then I learned that there we’re amazing feats of strength and endurance out there. I always knew about triathlons and dream of one day actually doing one but I never ever thought there would be something called an Ultra run. I didn’t really know there was anything out there further than 26.2 miles. You never really know about these things unless you start looking for them I guess.

Well I am amazed and delighted about ultra running/distance running it’s defiantly something that I want to progress myself to!

Back to the magazines and I regularly read Runners World, Trail Running Magazine and Ultra Magazine. Now my first foray into Train Running Magazine was when we went to Wales camping for the week, I’d never have thought it would be a magazine for me. I am always scared of doing anything which might falter my ankle, it was mainly the other half who said I should try it because well you never know!

So I did and I love it, it’s not all fell running! It’s about running the unbeaten track about seeing the beauty out there whether that is on a canal trail or up some mountains it’s all the same and I love the magazine for this!

Now it wasn’t long into reading the magazine that I came across #run1000miles. I looked up as much as I could do and joined my first running Facebook group. The Run 1000 Miles one and boy was I inspired!! So much so I am setting this as my target for this year. I want to run 1000 miles. Now I know I am just a beginner runner and I shouldn’t be putting any amount of strain on myself but I kept wondering and wondering if this was something I could do and well a challenge is a challenge right, if it was easy everyone would do it.

I’ve worked it out that it’s around 20 miles a week, which if I do it right I can run 4 nights/mornings of around 3 miles which would give me 12 miles and then do my Park Run on a Saturday which is 3 miles which would give me 15 and then a long run on the Sunday would give me the rest I needed.

I’ve thought long and hard about how I want to progress this year and I really would like to have a run streak and run everyday but I don’t want to do that encase my body isn’t happy I’d hate to hurt my hip like I did when I started my Winter run streak and then spend half a day crying because I couldn’t continue with it, so I’m aiming for 6 days running. If I run less I run less I’m not looking for miracles. I’ve also seen somewhere and cannot remember where sadly, that if you want to run a marathon you should be strength training 4 times a week and running 4 times a week so that is my ultimate aim.

Well I’m looking forward to this anyway. The new Trail Running magazine comes out on the 3rd Jan and it’s supposed to have a log in it to keep a record of how much your running so I will be using and using this place to record how I do.

I’m hoping to write more weekly on how I am doing, take more photos and maybe film but defiantly I’m wanting to do a weekly blog post of my training and how I am doing in all aspects of it. That way I am super accountable and I can defiantly write more here than I can on Instagram, even if my thoughts are all over the place lol!

Are you planning on running 1000 mile? Do you have another aim? I’d love to hear about it!!


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