Western Swimming Pool – Mountain Course Challenge


So are you ready for a challenge?? I know I am!

Well as Nessy 2.0 is in full swing and has been since the 31st I thought a New Year Challenge would be good and this little beauty dropped into my work inbox and I knew instantly that I wanted to do it.

I’m 100% certain that I will have no trouble doing the running or the cycling as the other half pointed out it’s only around 6 miles a week, which I can do (fingers crossed) in a bad week. It’s going to be the swimming that I am going to have trouble with. I’ve worked it out that it’s around 200 lengths a week which is wowsers! I’ve looked at my previous swims, my last being on the 2nd July, sadly, and well it looks like I do around 40 lengths at a time. Nowhere near where I need to be but I’m certain if I try hard enough and swim for a full hour I can make that more, maybe even 50? We can only see.

So how am I going to attempt this challenge?

Well I’m going to just keep to my normal running pattern while adding in some cycling. I’m hoping to start doing some more cycling, especially on the Turbo Trainer inside when the other half is home so I’m actually getting exercise. Now I don’t think this is going to record how far I “cycle” so I’m going to have to go out and about on my actual bike, oh it’s been a long time!! The other half has shown me a Strava route he does and it’s around 6 odd miles so if I aim to do that once a week I should be more than in on the cycling. The swimming is going to be another matter. I will only be aiming to go once a week and I guess I am just going to have to try my best with how much I’m swimming.

I’m wanting to use the as a spring board for the rest of the year as ideally I’d love to be running, cycling and swimming throughout the year.

Now I do have a slight issue with all the above, I’m on holiday on the 15th March!!

Sooooo I’ll have the Coventry Half to do which will more than push me over the distance for the running and I know I will be making the other half cycle to Hinckley again and that’s around 20 miles so that will add to the cycling. Once again it will be the swimming! I know there is a swimming pool down the road a wee bit from the other half’s parents so it will be checking that a) I can go and b) what we will be doing on holiday so I can go swimming as if I can go a few times at least while I’m on holiday I’m hoping it can put my lengths to being close to the amount needed.

I guess we will just see!

I’ll be doing weekly updates anyway as I’m wanting to use this blog as more of a training diary!



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