Week 1- “I’m sure foam rolling isn’t supposed to hurt this much!”

WOW I cannot beleive that week 1 is gone already!

What a week, hey! So this week I started back at the gym which I am very happy for though if nothing very tired. I haven’t been to the gym in golly must be a year and then longer than that on actually doing any weight at all. Thankfully I had a PT session where I went through what I was looking for, upper and lower exercises I could do on alternative days which takes 30min so I could do it in my lunch hour. I managed to go four times this week and that’s really what I’m wanting to continue with. Two days upper and two days lower should be enough for me to see an improvement in a couple of months.

I also went running, YAY! So I will be doing a mile on the treadmill after my legs day mainly because I won’t be going back out afterwards. It’s so early in the game that I don’t want to overdo it! I also managed to get out and about this week on a few late night runs which I am thankful for. The other half is happy to cycle next to me so I’m going to take him every time until he isn’t lol.

I had my first go at foam rolling to, OMG that killed!!! I asked around and it seems that I am using quite a brutal one so I will be getting a new one which doesn’t have all the nobles on. Then I’m going to try again!!

I went to my first Park Run of the year. I didn’t do an amazing time, wasn’t expecting to with all the other exercise I was doing, but at least I went. Then straight afterwards my sisters Godfather Michael took us though some really good exercises and stretches to do afterwards which we are hoping to add our weekly roundup.

So my total for Week 1

Running – 14.3/1000 Miles
Cycling – 0 Miles
Swimming – 0 Miles

In other news I’ve managed to do something to one of my lip piercings so that’s had to be taken out and now it looks like a mess! I’ve also got my green hair back so we can all rejoice, YAY! And today is my sister 39th which means we have exactly 1 year till Disney, 1 year before all that excitement and I’m excited!! I need to come up with some sort of training to do for it………

Tomorrow is also my first weigh in of year year……eeeeekkkkk

Bring on Week 2


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