Running in Copenhagen Day 3 – Kastellet

Day three, oh day three you were really the killer! By now we’ve done a run every morning, getting up just as the sun is rising and then going around Copenhagen after our run. I worked it out that outside of our run we were walking roughly 15 miles a day!! From sitting on my bum all day to doing a run and 15 miles walking you can tell it was going to be a tough one.


We both had already decided in our magpie-ish tenancies that we NEEDED to get the Kastellet onto our Strava. I was actually surprised at how easy it was to get to it, a quick ride up on the train and then a little walk around till we seen the massive gate to go in. This has to be one of the most prettiest runs I’ve done. I think I spent most of it dying and the rest just looking around at where we were. This is also where I think we found ALL of the runners in Copenhagen and I mean all of them!! Throughout our runs seeing another runner has been minimal, the odd one here and there. The Kastellet though had then tenfold. They were everywhere!


Overall this run was just over a mile and I mean just! I’m really glad we did it though not only for the Strava thing but also because I am wanting to run everyday so learning how to manage this while I’m away doing a lot more exercise really is the key. We also decided to check out the Little Mermaid statue while we were up that way and spoiler alert it wasn’t worth it at all. We must of got to the statue just after 8 ish and it was already packed with tourists!

So that’s it for my Copenhagen runs. I’m very very happy with what I managed to do, one day I’d love to be running for longer and I know that this will come. I will also hopefully remember to bring everything next time, we shall see!

Running in Copenhagen – Day 2 Naturpark Amager

So onto day 2 and I have a confession to make, day 2 is a Saturday which is Park Run day, we had already decided that today we were going to run the Park Run, we’d looked at our options, our travel, everything. it was only when we were waiting for the train. Corrine was fiddling with her Flipbelt and pulled out her barcode.

I’d just remembered I left mine on my bed prior to leaving the house, not in Copenhagen but at home in the Isle of Man, sigh! I was not going to get my epic magpie Park Run on my Strava. To say I was upset was an understatement. We’d had everything all ready for it and I fell short. Thankfully my sister was a trouper. We went back to our AirBnB just encase I had it in my bag (spoiler alert I didn’t) and then decided on our next course of action for a run.

Running to Naturpak AmarRun Naturpak AmarRunning from Naturpak Amar

So on the walks to and from the metro/train station we went past this crossing point near the local Collage (I think!) and well we decided as we had seen so many people running/cycling this pathway that we would just run it and see where it goes, it’s gotta go somewhere right??! Well it did, somehow it ended up at one of the local Naturparks in Denmark, Naturpark Amager. I decided that I would stop my Garmin when we got to the Naturpark and then start it again around the Naturpark and also for the run back because they were separate parts of the run, you know totally random but made sense at the time lol.

So overall the run was over Park Run standards of 3.82 miles (plus the 0.85 miles there and back). When we were looking at the welcome to sign there was a lot of other longer runs we could of gone on and if you were looking they were well signposted. Now WOW this run was WINDY, and I know windy I technically live in the windy city at home, it was also VERY VERY bleak. I don’t know what I was expecting but after the photo’s with that fish we ran quite a straight path into the wind and it was just open on both sides and there was nothing. I kept thinking to myself not long now you’ll be in the tree line and it will be easier. I don’t think I’ve ever felt so dejected on a run. I think this was more to do with a lack of energy with all the walking we were doing during the day plus the runs than the actual run, still it was a very meh stage.

Once we had hit the tree line it was still open but we were not running against the wind we were with it so it was easier, just, we even managed to find some proper Danish horses which made my sister very happy. Apparently they are a particular type but for all the love of money I couldn’t tell you what, we’ve been out of owning horses so long I’ve forgotten!

Overall just a bleak run, worthwhile to keep my miles up but I wouldn’t be rushing to do it again or any other around the Naturpark lol.

October Goals

Wow, October already where oh where does the time fly???

Well October is the start of my favourite season I love Autumn (or Fall if your in America!) It’s just lovely feeling the temperature drop, having a hot water bottle, snuggling under covers and seeing all the colours change.

I’ve been toying with how I wanted to do my goals for a while now. I am still going to be doing monthly goals but I am also going to be adding in quarterly goals in the correct month so that I can have some longer term goals to hit.


Oh running how I still love you even though some days you kill me. Last month I ran an amazing amount of 62 odd miles, if you told me that at the beginning of June when I started running I would of laughed at you. That first mile was a killer lol! Anyway I’d really REALLY like to get closer to 100 this month. It’s going to be hard I know this but I am really REALLY wanting to run 1000 miles next year so I need to start getting the milage up. I’m also wanting to get longer runs done as I can do the 3-5mile runs every night but I’d love to be running 5-10 every so often, read twice a week lol. Depending on how my half marathon goes this month depends on whether I think about training for a marathon in May or not, we’ll see.


Well the kids are back at school which means that I’ll be able to go swimming again YAY!! Now we we’re trying to go twice a week Monday and Thursdays but I am wanting to attempt to do Zumba on Mondays so will look into doing morning swimming session. I think swimming is really good for me and it keeps me going, it’s another exercise I love more than anything I just don’t do it enough. With this in mind I’m just going to aim for twice this month. I’m away till the 15th so don’t want to think j can do more than I will


Now it’s been ages since I’ve actually got my bum out on my bike, the other half keeps saying he’d like to get out so I’m wanting to attach myself to this and try and actually get outside on my bike 4 times this month. Fingers crossed.

Other Goals

I’d really like to go to the Zumba class on Mondays. I don’t do well on crowds on my own so it will be interesting and I haven’t gone to a class since my ankle broke so that will make it even more interesting.

I’d also really like to keep losing weight. I’ve been going steadily down, a lot slower than I read everyone else does but I’m still losing so it’s all good. I’d love to be between 250-255 by the end of October. Fingers crossed.

I’m also wanting to keep running with my pup Joey. I’ll be doing a post about it sometime!

Yep that’s all I can think of for now. Looking forward to this month!!

Running in Copenhagen – Day 1 Christianshavn

So we had decided prior to me ever running that we we’re going to Copenhagen for a long weekend, now it has only been since I’ve been running that I’ve turned into this running magpie on Strava. I love the idea of getting as many countries as I can on mine!

With this magpie-ish behaviour I also knew there were a couple of runs I really wanted to do, one of them was the Cheshire cat like grin around Christianshavn and another was the Kastellet (which we did on Day 3). We didn’t decide on what day we were going to do what, it was a basic wake up and decide situation.

Run Christianshavn - Part 1Run Christianshavn - Part 2

So the above was taken from my Strava account you can see what I mean about the Cheshire cat grin right? You can also see that sadly it is in two parts, it’s because I think I was doing something like dancing on the spot while waiting for traffic and my Garmin decided that I was finished with my run and to save it lol! So I had to do the rest on another run.

Getting to Christianshavn was actually relatively easy, we just hopped onto the metro to Christianshavn and walked the rest of the way to our run site.

Love this photo! I think my sis found the perfect time to blink lol.

Overall the whole run was around 5 miles of light trails around the river. I found it a really lovely run, it had little ups and downs. Where you see the path go closer to the river that was a little upward and downward part. I also loved the scenery. It seems the part that we were running through was a mass of homemade homes, so we stopped every so often just to admire the houses. With me working in an area of the building trade I just loved looking at how they were built and the structures/architecture of them was amazing. You would have a glass house next to a house made of breeze blocks.

As this was our first run within Copenhagen I was expecting to meet friendly runners, sadly it wasn’t what I expected at all. I try every time I pass someone to smile and wave as a show of encouragement but every time I did I got nothing back. I don’t whether this is a normal thing and everyone keeps to themselves or not. We did do the runs quite early I think we we’re out at around 7.30am, so maybe it might of been a time thing, I was just really surprised. Maybe I thought I was smiling and was actually grimacing. We had just had a whole day of travelling/walking around the day previous (we got up at 4am for the flight in) so I know I was tired. I guess I will never know!



Packing Light, Moving Fast – Copenhagen


Travelling Light, moving fast is a term I have heard way way to many time but because I am an aspiring minimalist (doubt I will ever get there but it’s lovely to have dreams), I decided that I wanted to save money and only take hand luggage with me when we went on our recent trip to Copenhagen and not just any hand luggage my backpack which I would be using for the whole weekend.

Now I’m not going to say this was easy, not at all, if I just wanted to take my “normal” clothes then yes this would have been super easy but because I wanted to take my running clothes it was actually a lot harder, to be honest there was a lot that I wanted to take that I didn’t and a lot that I thought I would need and I didn’t. On the other side I took items which I thought I would need and didn’t. I guess it all adds up.

So onto what I actually took with me.

My normal clothing


So under the banner of my normal clothing you have my PJ’s (top and shorts), five pairs of knickers, one t-shirt and two pairs of socks. I was wearing my jeans, knickers, socks (not shown lol), bra and t-shirt to go. This was all I needed and with the way we were hand washing our clothing I actually didn’t need as many knickers, I could of gotten a way with two extra pairs just encase not the 5. Thankfully they didn’t take up any space at all.

My running kit


Ok this actually took up almost ALL of my backpack, there was A LOT! We have my sports bra, two tank tops, two socks, two pairs of workout pants, my salomon running vest and bladder pack, my Manx buff, my Brooks shoes, a few Honey Stinger energy gums and a few Honey Stinger Bars (a few not shown), My Zero Energy Drink and my Motivational Wraps (which I wore to travel with). All in all I’m still surprised I managed to pack everything but apart from the shoes everything was really easy to pack up small. My sports socks take up no space and so does my hydration vest. I only wore one top and one pair of the pants because we washed them every night so if I was going again (somewhere else) I would probably only pack one set if we were aiming to do washing.

Other Items


Other items I also took with me was my waterproof jacket and pants, I beleive in being prepared and I am glad I did as one day it was lashing it down and we could walk around whereas if we didn’t have our waterproof wear we would have gotten wet.

I always take a spare pair of glasses just encase, I’d hate to break my main pair and then not being able to see!! I also took my most recent gloves, just encase. I’m glad because one day it was quite cold in the morning.

Next up is my chargers one for my phone and one for my Garmin. I didn’t bring any other electronic items with me apart from my digital camera (which was already fully charged), I just took the newest Ultra magazine, and would if needed read any books on the kindle app on my phone.

The last photo shows how I travelled all my energy items, I bring this box and my coffee cup (you can see this in the first photo) with me where ever I go, this way if I want to buy something and they offer to give it to me in plastic I can offer up my tin. It’s just my way of trying to reduce my plastic while I’m away.

Well that’s it. I am still surprised that I fitted everything in and managed to have space to bring Chocolate Rye bread and a Starbucks mug home!

I am also a firm believer in the travelling light moving fast clan, it was just so nice not to have to wait around and to be able to get on and off the metro/train without having to worry about added baggage. It was also lovely in our AirBnB, everything had it’s place so we kept the area really tidy and it was so easy to find something. I think if we we’re in a small hotel room this would of been amazing. Nothing would of gotten in the way.

Looking forward to my next adventure when I will be doing this, sadly it’s not going to be for a while!!

Birmingham Park Run


I hope your doing well!

This past weekend I was away in Birmingham for the Festival of Quilts (a hobby of mine!) And well prior to going I decided that I’d already decided I wanted to run as much as possible so googling Birmingham Park Run just happened one night!

I managed to find two different ones but it was the one on Cannon Hill which was closest to us so on Saturday we all went down to see what was happening.

In the first instance the website was not helpful at all if you’ve never been to the area of Birmingham that the park run was in. Thankfully the day beforehand we asked what bus to get but apart from that we had no idea we just had to guess!!

When we managed to get to Cannon Hill we stopped outside the cafe that it was supposed to start at with noone there at all………we we’re seriously thinking we had the wrong place but we managed to find some runners in the distance and started to follow them. Thankfully one of them was listening to us talking about not having a clue and informed us that the course was different today and that the start was another half mile away from where we we’re!!! Yeah our mum just couldn’t manage that so we sent her back with my sister to get a coffee.

Hello August!!


Can you believe we’re already at August, it seems as always time is travelling way to fast and it’s time for me to re-evaluate last month and think about the month ahead.

Looking back at July I don’t think I set any target’s though of the top of my head I know I had a few, mainly to keep up with my running and to make sure I weighed less than I did at the beginning of the month, both of these I managed. I am very happy with how my running has been going. I managed several Personal Bests during the month, mostly just running fast and for longer, hello hour long run and then my hour and 20 with my sister. I also weighed 5.2lbs less this month than last month and it’s really weird I’m so so happy with this and I’m also kinda sad mainly because I always see those I managed to lose 5000 pounds in a year and I seem to find it hard to lose just 1 pound but everything happens for a reason and well overall I’m very happy. I can see that my shape is changing and my work dress that I wear every day is getting looser. Not massively but just enough that it makes me feel like I am going in the right direction.

Moving forwards into August I’m hoping to continue with my running (of cause!) I’d really like to hit the target of running to Douglas from Peel or vice versa, that’s around 11/12 miles depending on where you start. Me and Corrine are going to test this, this weekend because I only have a few spare weekends prior to going for the Leicester Marathon, which I still haven’t told anyone about apart from the other half but that’s because he was the one I discussed it with. I don’t know I’m just unsure on whether I want to at this point, might just turn up do it and be like tada with jazz hands!! But we will see. I really lacked in my swimming last month mainly because I was away for the week and then I feel over quite badly so I didn’t want to swim and then you know lady time so just haven’t made it, so this month I’d like to get back to it. I also have been rather lazy and not been on the Turbo Trainer at all it feels like though I know I have because Strava told me so! So that’s another goal is to get back into that. I also bought so weights when we were away so I’d like to start that up. I was umming and arrrhhhhhhing about joining the gym again but with all the running I’m doing I just don’t have time and in winter I want to run outside when I can and not be a fair weather runner, I have discussed maybe joining for a month or two if the winter gets snowy/icy because yeah with my ankle I’m scared, oh so scared these days.

So onto some target’s


This month I’ve got two holidays, a long weekend next week to go to the Festival of Quilts, very excited and I’m hoping to run everyday while we are away. My second holiday is a staycation, I’m staying here to watch the MGP racing up on our mountains with the wind and rain. Again really looking forward to it as it’s a lovely week spent with the other half enjoying the outdoors and motorbikes. Again my target for my holidays will be to try and be mindful. I somehow managed to lose 5 pounds while in Wales so I know I can go on holiday and not put weight on, it’s mainly just not eating too much and exercising daily!!


Oh Running how I love thee, last month I moved forwards in my plans and I’m no longer doing the C25K, I’ve managed to smash that, YAY! I managed (somehow!!) 57.9 Miles last month, that to me is mind boggling and I’m just so proud of this body, it can and is doing everything I was scared of doing and more, yes it creaks and groans sometimes but the end game is so worth it. So this month I want to maybe get to 100 miles??? We’ll see anything over 57 would be amazing, I’m also wanting to get more longer runs in as I said above I’m wanting to move forward with my aim of running a half marathon. I have Leicester coming up in 10 weeks so I’d really like to be running at least 10 miles by then and running consistently, so maybe running 10 miles a few times, that way I will feel really happy when it comes to running the half marathon. I also want to start introducing my pup to running with me this month, I have grand ideas of going to a plantation and running with him while the other half goes for a cycle. We’ll see as all the Canicross stuff I’ve seen is expensive and we hardly have Joey on a lead as he’s better without one, so it might go terribly wrong

Swimming and Cycling

Well yeah, it looks like I managed to get out swimming once or twice last month and I doubt I will manage more this month but I’d like to just keep it ticking over, I sometimes think I should get up earlier and go swimming so that might be an option for me, we will see. With the cycling I’m wanting to keep up with the turbo trainer and keep doing my 20 minutes here or there and yeah get outside and cycle and see if that is any better on my lady parts as the turbo kills after 20 minutes even though I have my cycling seat which I love on!! The other half is hoping to do the End2End in September so trying to get out more should help him to.


Oh the general stuff, this is the first month putting this jazz down but I’m, wanting to really just move forward with a lot of stuff. I’d like to sort out our lounge so I could do yoga or something in the afternoons as I don’t do anything else at the moment and cannot afford to pay for a class at £10 a session!!! I’ve been looking at getting new running trainers and I’ve just saved enough to buy a new pair but really unsure on what I want and whether I need to be looking into all this gait stuff. I was also pondering maybe looking into taking better photos on my Instagram? Maybe being weird and nattering on Youtube you know the thing we’ll see. I’m also on the hunt for new gym gear but finding plus sized stuff which doesn’t cost the world/actually isn’t plain black is hard, damn hard. I’d like to maybe look into having vegetarian meals 4 times a week and fish for two with meat on one day. It will be nice for me to actually cook healthy stuff for once. I am still very much a down person, I wouldn’t call it depression but I have days when all I want to do is curl up on the sofa and cry for no reason and I have a lot of self doubt so I’m trying to think of ways to stop this and think happier during the days. I’m wanting to get rid of a lot of crap maybe by selling a lot of it as I don’t need a lot of the stuff I have around, yes it’s cute and it’s lovely but apart from the time I bought it I don’t really look at it again, which is very sad.

So yeah, that’s about it at the moment, maybe later I’ll think of some more things I’d like to achieve but for now that’s it. I hope if you read this you had a great month last month and know that August is going to be amazing!!!

My first ever Park Run!!

Well we came back from holiday on the Thursday and on the Friday I was looking for running in Leicester because you know, mad person here. With all the looking not only did I sign up for another half marathon!!! Yes I’m officially mad and this one will be my first as it’s prior to the one over here I want to do and prior to run Rock’n’Roll! I’m really looking forward to it. I also found out there was a Park Run on the island so of cause I signed up instantly!!!

When I turned up I was really scared as I don’t really do crowds well or people well to be honest but I buckled up and go on with it.

The run itself was a killer, there was so many hills and it really proves to me that I really REALLY need to do more hill work.

I managed to PB with a time if 41.27!! Really happy with that time and it’s great to have something to work towards each week and it will be each week as I will be doing the Park Runs as much as I can do, I’ve already found one in Leicester to go to when we’re on holiday in October!!

Running in Wales

It’s meant to say miles but I clicked the wrong thing lol!!

Somehow I managed to run 20.3 Miles while on holiday, not only that I also ran for my first 5K and my first hour!! To say I’m amazed is an understatement but I’m so glad I did.

We went to Wales for a camping holiday so I know this holiday won’t be quite as bad as when we go to Copenhagen, I made sure I got out whenever I could which turned out to be 6 out of the 7 days. 3 of those runs were in a field next to the campsite, two we’re actually in the campsite (once because I didn’t remember about the field and second because it had rained that day and the field was soaked) and one run along the prom in Morecambe.

My other half was very understanding and would go on his iPad/walk the dogs/listen to music and of cause take photos for my Instagram, I really don’t know what I would of done without him. He also made sure I managed to get my last run in by finding me somewhere lovely to run. He’d also looked into trail runs for me but I think I will leave them till next time.

A couple of bullet points which really helped me get so many runs in.

  • Make sure you take your workout clothing with you. I made sure that before I even packed my bag that my workout clothing was all ready to go, that way I couldn’t forget it.
  • Make sure everything is charged up. I listened to music while I was running, I don’t think I would of done so much without it, then again you never know. I made sure to take my charger for both the iPod and my Garmin. I know for sure if my Garmin died I’d not have been motivated to run.
  • Treat yourself! This was a big thing for me. I didn’t calorie count the whole holiday but I knew if I ran I could treat myself, which meant I managed to have a chippy dinner, fudge (lots of fudge), mango sorbert and pizza. I know I still would of gone running without treating myself but I made sure I did extra miles to counteract my eating.
  • Have fun! This one was a big one, the first time I ran for an hour the reason I did was because I was having fun. I was enjoying running so much that I just kept on going and going. Having fun is also the reason when I was running around the campsite with everyone looking at me I only managed 30 minutes.

I think that’s it for now, I have a weekend away and then a long weekend away coming up so I’ll do the same thing and then hopefully will be able to give some proper tips on running while on holiday!!